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Doing what I do means I will be able to make a difference that will help create a lasting change in peoples lives by transforming the world where they live.

We do this by helping to meet basic needs for healthcare, education, improve the number of children in school opportunities

This is important as it helps to break the poverty cycle. This gives the sponsored child and other children in the area the chance to reach their full potential.

Making a difference is also valuable in my personal life as an educated individual.  This has helped me to move into various countries including The Gambia where I was a volunteer coach to the athletes.

I now dedicate my time to – among other things – successfully manage a charity retail shop where I have helped members of the community on low budgets to meet their basic needs thus reaching out to the local community.

The charity retail shop has been set up to demonstrate a practical and creative way to overcome obstacles.


Our mutual effort, our vision is to work together to meet the needs of the African children, thus fulfilling a duty of cherishing every human life.

Therefore giving a chance of a lifetime by

  • Shaping vision
  • Preventing street children from ill consequences
  • Acting as a critical friend
  • Unlocking potential
  • Impacting individuals to impact the world

At this time, as now, people were dying through ignorance, especially of health issues. So Vincents parents said yes, and Vincent was educated alongside the heads children.

VEP sponsor a child story started some 80 years ago with Veronica’s father, Vincent Ainetor, when a visiting headmaster saw the then young Vincent playing in the street with his 5 brothers and sisters. Something about Vincent told the headmaster that Vincent had talent, and on the spur of the moment asked Vincent’s Dad, as Vincent’s mum died while he was very young. If he could take Vincent to New Lagos and educate Vincent along with his own children.

80 years on the difference between Vincent’s children and his siblings children is stark.

Vincent is blessed with 10 children and all but one are university educated and have a degree, some having masters and are doing well for themselves and their community.


 How you can help

A Street Child would Love to Take a seat here. Please Help

Vincents siblings children now in their 50′s and 60′s are all struggling, in most areas of their lives.

While 9 have university degrees one of Vincent’s children was a girl who didn’t excell at school. Her name is Veronica and she didn’t want to continue in school as she knew that she wasn’t clever, or gifted enough. But Vincent knew that each one of us has hidden potential and wouldn’t give up.Vincent insisted that Veronica continued her education.

Veronica today is a highly skilled staff nurse, and is the reason why you’re reading this now.

Veronica lived in the Gambia for nearly 4 years 1998 – 2001 and what she found was there was 1 nursing school in the area, no university. Only the rich people could afford to send their children abroad for education. There are a lot of street children, this is mainly because of lack of education, because of no money, the men drinking Attire, a local coffee, and the girls often become pregant, rarely wanted.

There is one major hospital as the others are owned by foriegn companies and too expensive for most.

Veronica came away from her stay in the Gambia knowing that the best gift a child can recieve is that of education. As education can change the background of humanity.

There are schools that have been built but the children often don’t have the money to go.

Today you can make a huge difference in these children’s lives by Paying for school fees, buying books and perhaps some rice.

VEP Sponsor a Child

Thanks for wanting to sponsor a Gambian child. Education gives them a chance.
  • We will keep you posted as to your sponsored child progress

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